29-Year-Old Becomes Youngest Black Professor to Teach Simultaneously at 4 Universitie

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Dr. Eli Joseph has emerged as a dazzling star, achieving a feat that left the academic world amazed, as he became the first black professor to teach at four universities at the same time this is an accomplishment that is going to be looked at for years to come. 

What makes this feat even more amazing is the fact that he has achieved this at four of the most prominent universities across the country which include Columbia University, New York University, UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles), and Dartmouth College.  

It is pretty rare for many students to get accepted let alone graduate from any of these universities, for Eli Joseph to teach at one let alone all four of these institutions is completely unheard of. 


This journey was not completely golden for Eli, he has faced continuous rejection along the way and has earned his place every step of the way. During the journey that he has been on he has been turned away by more than 1,500 employers, 30 colleges, and 75 scholarship foundations. 

Some of the schools he got rejected by included, Princeton, U Penn, Cornell University, Brown University, and Dartmouth College. Becoming an instructor at Dartmouth College had to be a full-circle moment for Joseph.

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Having to deal with the constant rejection had to be one of the toughest things that Joseph had to deal with, having to deal with this constant rejection had to become a normal thing after a while but I am sure that it tore him down in some ways while it also built him up. 

Columbia was another university that he got rejected by in 2012, He now serves as an associate faculty in the applied analytics program at Columbia University School of Professional Studies.

This was also the case for him as he got rejected by NYU back in 2016, fast forward to the present day he now serves and teaches graduate students at NYU School of Professional Studies. 

He was also denied by multiple companies such as JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Google, Amazon, Facebook, BCG, McKinsey, Deloitte, and Bain.

The constant rejection has not led Joseph to waver or fold in any type of way both personally or professionally, he recently lost his older brother last year but he has continued to push through each and every obstacle that has been thrown his way. 

Dr. Joseph's accomplishments include delivering two compelling TEDx talks, titled "Time Is Your Biggest Competition" and "No Trace, No Case." These talks reflect on his ability to inspire and motivate but also spotlight his relentless pursuit of excellence. As one of the youngest members of the World Economic Forum Expert Network, he is one of the testaments to the power of resilience and the boundless possibilities that arise from unwavering determination.

Dr. Joseph’s story is one that spotlights how perseverance and consistency can never be beaten out no matter what odds you have stacked against you. He is someone who is the definition of having a true unwavering human spirit about him. 

Contributed by Markel Collins