Russell Wilson Bought Ciara's Masters So She Could Start a Record Label

You have to hand it to Russell Wilson; the guy knows how to make a grand romantic gesture. For their sixth wedding anniversary, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback gave his wife Ciara an incredibly thoughtful gift. Wilson bought the masters of Ciara's first six albums, so she can now own her music and start her record label. Talk about relationship goals!

Russell Wilson's Grand Romantic Gesture for Ciara

Russell Wilson just scored some major husband points. The Seattle Seahawks quarterback recently bought his wife Ciara's entire music catalog and gave it to her as a gift so she could launch her record label. Ciara has been making music for over 15 years, releasing six studio albums and winning numerous awards, including a Grammy. However, like many artists, she didn't own the rights to her songs and masters—the original recordings of those tracks. The music industry can be tricky like that.

Wilson decided to change all that. He secretly acquired the rights to Ciara's first six albums to give her full control over her creative work. Now, Ciara has the freedom to do whatever she wants with her music. She can re-record songs, release previously unreleased tracks, approve samples, and take her music in new directions.

The Gift of Independence

With this generous gift, Wilson handed Ciara the keys to her musical independence and legacy. She expressed her gratitude on social media, calling Wilson her "biggest gift" and saying, "You are a man like no other." Wilson proved once again why he's one of the NFL's most admired players, with a heart as big as his talent.

Ciara has inspired so many with her music over the years. Now, thanks to her loving husband, she has the opportunity to take her career to the next level and inspire future generations of artists along the way. This is one power couple that keeps scoring touchdowns both on and off the field.

Ciara Regains Control Over Her Music Catalog and Masters

When Ciara signed her first major record deal, she was excited to share her music with the world. Little did she know that one day she'd lose control of the rights to her songs. Record labels often retain ownership of an artist's masters and the original recordings of songs. Now, thanks to her devoted husband, Russell Wilson, Ciara has regained control of her catalog.

Wilson recently bought Ciara's masters from her former record label as a surprise gift. He knew how much regaining control of her music meant to her, so he worked behind the scenes to purchase the rights. Ciara was overcome with emotion when Wilson presented her with the legal documents confirming that she now solely owns the masters for her first six albums.

With full ownership, Ciara is free to do what she chooses.

Ciara now has full creative control and ownership over her early hits like "1, 2 Step," "Oh," and "Like a Boy." She can re-record, remix, or license the songs however she sees fit. More importantly, she'll receive all the royalties and profits from her music going forward. Ciara has always dreamed of starting her record label, and now she has the freedom to do just that.

Regaining possession of her master is a game-changer for Ciara's career and financial future. Thanks to Wilson's generosity and support, Ciara is in the driver's seat of her destiny. She worked hard to build her musical success, and now she has the opportunity to shape its future on her terms. With the love and encouragement of her biggest fan by her side, Ciara's best days as an artist are still ahead.

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