TI Donates Technology to HBCU Students


Rapper T.I., in collaboration with Moolah Wireless, recently presented students at Morris Brown College with free Moolah tablets and a year's worth of data service. This gesture comes just in time as students gear up for the new academic year, with some requiring additional assistance.

Atlanta native T.I., whose off-stage name is Clifford Harris, extended this act of kindness primarily to Morris Brown students. The benefactors of his generosity are the inaugural batch of students entering the college since its re-accreditation. The gesture was not only a significant boost for students but also served as a celebration marking the rehabilitation of Morris Brown College.

Morris Brown, an esteemed member of the Atlanta University Center consortium, dates its roots back to 1881. However, in the recent past, the institution grappled with challenges, primarily accreditation issues that persisted for almost 20 years. This struggle was exacerbated by financial mismanagement, leading the school to such dire straits that it lost access to basic utilities, and the student count plummeted to below 60.

Now, with a renewed spirit, Morris Brown is poised for a remarkable journey ahead. Dr. Kevin James, the President of Morris Brown College, expressed his gratitude for the tech gifts. He emphasized, “Technology is paramount in today's age.” 

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Addressing the varying levels of access among students, he added, “While some students are equipped with the necessary tools, others aren't. This initiative bridges that gap, enabling all our students to have the technological resources essential for their success.”

The excitement among the students was palpable. Reports suggest that eager students lined up outside the building, awaiting their turn to receive these vital academic tools. As per CBS 46, the distribution event saw students not only collecting their tablets but also seizing the opportunity to take photos and engage with T.I. Always the mentor, T.I. used this platform to inspire students. 

He conveyed, “Our primary aim is to drive students to take their academic pursuits seriously. It's crucial for them to understand that there are supporters like us who applaud their achievements and are ready to support them throughout their educational journey. Life will inevitably throw challenges, but with diligence, aid is always around the corner.”

The philanthropy didn't conclude at Morris Brown's gates. Moolah Wireless, showing its commitment as a community stakeholder, has rolled out an offer to provide free tablets to individuals who qualify. This generous program specifically targets veterans, senior citizens, Section 8 residents, and more, ensuring that technology reaches the hands of those who might need it the most in the community.

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