Netflix Series “Beef” Gains Large Praise and Commentary From Critics and Viewers

The hit Netflix show ‘Beef’ directed by Lee Sung Jin was an easy pick for many both critics and viewers as one of the best shows of the year so far. Beef stars actor Steven Yeun — who is known for his part in the similarly popular TV show ‘The Walking Dead’, and actress Ali Wong — who received widespread attention for her roles in shows such as ‘Baby Cobra’ and popular flicks such as ‘Always Be My Maybe’.

Since the show first went on air on the streaming platform on April 2023, viewers and critics continue to praise the show as one of the highest quality TV series not only of the year but in the entire history of TV in general. 

Thanks to the excellent direction and talented actors of Beef (among many other praiseworthy aspects of the show), the first season became a massive success that both the average viewer and even the sophisticated media lover can get behind on.

In fact, Beef gained even more respect and popularity among the mainstream audience when it was able to hit a perfect 100% on the review-aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes when the show first aired to the masses. And while the number has averaged down to a still-amazing rating of 98% on the website, the show still ranks as one of the finest shows of the modern age.

With shows and films being produced left and right at a very constant and fast pace, receiving very positive comments such as being “one of a kind” and “showstopping” is definitely something to be proud of — and Beef has been able to achieve just that.

Packed with 10 episodes filled with excitement and suspense that will keep even the hardest of viewers on edge, Beef was able to win the hearts of many with the stellar writing and acting performances that made the show the modern-day masterpiece that many fans have already branded it as.

A black comedy centered around a road rage incident, Beef’s excellent story writing is one for the books. Comments from top critics such as Izzy Ampil of Buzzfeed News are gushing over the hit Netflix show. In Izzy’s review, she wrote, “It is a funny, erotic, horrifying portrait of two people locked in a manic-depressive spiral of mutually assured destruction, which is an epic achievement on its own.”

With the ongoing hit of Beef, it’s not out of this world to believe that a second season or another unrelated project from the show’s main crew is in the works. But in the meantime, the success of Beef is definitely something worth celebrating about for a long time.

By Neil Gregorio

Neil Gregorio is a graduating university student who writes as a hobby; when he is away from the keyboard, he spends his time watching Japanese animated shows and jamming out to his favorite rock music.