Who is Ice Spice and Why Do Fans Love Her?

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It is without a doubt that the rapper Ice Spice is currently one of the hottest artists all over the world. First making it into the spotlight last 2021 online when she uploaded a video where she danced to American rapper Erica Banks’ hit song ‘Buss It’ — which at the time was already a trend on the Internet as an online challenge — Ice Spice’s career had nowhere to go but up from then on.

Since her breakthrough on the Internet, Ice Spice’s name has been everywhere. As a famous personality who has a significant presence on many social media platforms namely the media sharing app TikTok, Ice Spice is a constant presence on the screens of many online viewers — especially those from the younger demographic.

People nowadays immediately recognize the growing superstar, especially with her signature orange curly hair and catchy beats that have helped her skyrocket to the fame she is currently enjoying.

Dubbed the “People’s Princess” by her growing fan base, Ice Spice is currently on a hot streak, especially with the explosive success of the remix version of her song ‘Princess Diana’ which she performed with fellow superstar Nicki Minaj released on April 2023.

    Image credit: Instagram

The breakout popularity of this remix earned Ice Spice her second top-ten hit when the remix made it to the Hot 100 charts, peaking at the fourth spot of the prestigious list.

Riding on this current success, Ice Spice’s fame is guaranteed to reach even higher levels sooner or later. However, her life was not always filled with the glitz and glamour she currently experiences.

Born in The Bronx in New York City as Isis Gaston, she was the eldest among five siblings. Getting through life as any average person, Isis earned a living by working in stores such as Wendy’s and The Gap.

However, her aspirations in entering the rap industry to make a name for herself were still strong as ever. Coming up with the ‘Ice Spice’ nickname at 14 years old when she was trying out names for her finsta account, she was already an icon in the making.

Apart from her talent and stunning beauty, her fanbase grew larger by the minute thanks to several shout-outs from high-profile talents such as Lil Nas X, Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian (also her daughter North West), and Nicki Minaj whom she cites as a major influence in her musical style.

Ice Spice is definitely one of this generation’s biggest musical stars. And as she continues to break the Internet by the minute, we can’t wait to see what’s next in store for the rising pop icon in the coming months.

By Neil Gregorio

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