MomsCanDoIt2 CEO, Lasonya Alexander, Is Doing Great Things!


MomsCanDoIt2 is a phenomenal organization that we here at What's Good Weekly had to spotlight! We strongly believe in giving praise to local businesses that are creating change in their communities! That is why we had to spotlight this cause in this article. Founder and CEO, La'Sonya Alexander, is a pageant queen holding multiple titles in the CCP Organization, the American Elegance system and the All World Beauties System! She also holds multiple awards including national honors from her pageantry and two Fresh Faces Project Innovator Awards! On top of this, she is a mother of seven children, 6 sons and 1 daughter, as well as being a very active community service volunteer, and actress having appeared on "Empire", "Chicago Talent" and more! Philanthropy is near and dear to her heart, as not only a woman of generosity but a woman of EXCELLENCE!

MomsCanDoIt2 is a grassroots community organization that consistently implements time and effort to support and help single mothers in today's society. The vision is to construct, provide and deliver resources and opportunities for single mothers who've experienced hardships such as (but not only):

homelessness, physical abuse, rape, sexual assault, unemployment, loss of a Father figure, depression, PTSD, life tragedies, and more.

Through her organization, La'Sonya has been building relationships with single mothers through her clothing drives, workshops and volunteering! She believes doing this will give them the opportunity to enrich the lives of their children and change the quality of life of single mothers across the United States of America! As a single mother, she knows the struggles that come along with it and is using her power and resources to be of benefit to as many people as she can.

Recently, she welcomed home her eldest son, Kheeno, who we saw her fight and advocate for over the last 2 years, conquering many hurdles in the unjust legal system that pushes many young minority men through the tainted black and brown prison cycle. She successfully held a touching fundraiser and used the proceeds to help her son readjust to normal life! After a couple of years, it was very apparent, the joy that was on her face having her entire family together to celebrate.

This is someone worth following and a mission worth supporting!