5-Star Physical Therapy Clinic Is Offering Free Exams For The Community!

Progressive Physical Therapy located in Hinsdale and Arlington Heights Illinois is a highly rated physical therapy practice that focuses on giving their patients a friendly, family-like environment and impeccable service! They offer treatment for joint pain, back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, balance issues, dizziness, Vertigo, sciatica and other injuries such as rehabilitative therapy and sports medicine.

Throughout the next few days, they will be giving two Free Exam Days (Greatest Promo Ever Events) at their clinics on March 5th (Arlington Heights) and March 12th (Hinsdale)! At these events, guests will have the opportunity to be diagnosed by very experienced therapists with decades of experience in the field. They will leave knowing the root cause of their issues with a plan of treatment and a list of exercises to do at home!


This is a fantastic opportunity for any local residents to get seen by excellent physical therapy specialists to get started on their path to healing! Given their countless rave reviews online, this is a can't miss event for anyone who is in need of treatment. Here are just a few of their reviews on their website:

“My physical fitness levels had changed so much due to several falls I had in the last three years. I came to Progressive thinking I needed to learn how to fall properly due to my age. What Mohamed taught me was not how to fall but how to prevent falls entirely with proper balance and his excellent therapy. I was amazed to discover that balance required re-training myself to maintain a healthy balance. My program of strengthening my balance included leg exercises to rebuild my knees and learning to walk properly by striking with my heel first. These past several months I have discovered that with the excellent physical therapy program of PPT, there are no goals I cannot achieve using proper posture attributed by Mohamed. Falling is not an option for me with my new balance improvement and my confidence is now restored!”

-Denise S.

“My original diagnosis, 10 years ago, was Meniere’s syndrome but standard medicine offered no relief. At that point the incidents were less hindering of my life’s activities and only recently had the occurrences and severity increased. A year ago I began experiencing multiple dizzy/vertigo incidents on a daily basis. I often awoke feeling dizzy as though the room was spinning, while still in bed, as well. The incidents became debilitating enough that I spent hours in bed unable to function on to the simplest task. Four months ago I found true help and understanding from Mohamed and his wonderful team. The neck exercises Mohamed taught me are a God send!”
-Maureen W.
“My balance has greatly improved from your work. The visits have all been something to look forward to. Your smiling faces and individual attention make it like my second home."
-Ray P.
To sign up for their Free Exam Events or to get an evaluation by their team, contact them via telephone at the below numbers!

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