Global Teen Beauty Queen Chats About Her Life!


Josie Gentle is currently Miss Teen Cosmos International. She is from a small town in South Carolina called Pendleton. Recently Josie graduate from Pendleton High School as a honors graduate along with many other awards. She is currently a student at Anderson University and is pursuing the dream of becoming a nurse practitioner for dermatology. Outside of school, Josie is a very well-rounded individual. During her free time, She loves to shoot sporting clays, spend time with her family, and volunteer. Volunteering has always been important to her ever since she started helping her church at the age of 14. Any event that was available she would always try her best to be a part of it. That’s why today she has made a platform called Inspire For A Change Volunteer! Josie's platform is meant to inspire young men and women to volunteer and give back to their communities for the greater good.

What are some major achievements or accolades that you've accumulated? 

During high school, I was awarded two $1,000 scholarships for winning the second-highest overall female in sporting clays and skeet. This past summer was my greatest achievement of all, becoming Miss Teen Cosmos International! 

How do use your platform as an influencer to spread "What's Good" to the world and who have you impacted?

I use my platform by reaching out to young men and women my age and younger by getting them to volunteer in their communities. I do this by showing them how much it has impacted my life to be able to help others. I have impacted many teens in my own community as well as my college. 

 What are some projects that you are currently working on or promoting? 

I am currently working on making a food pantry for my neighborhood. I am also going to be getting others to help make shoeboxes for the Operation Christmas Child shoebox gift. 

Who do you have to credit for your success?

The young men and women are a credit for my success. I want to be able to get everyone I possibly can to get out and help their communities.