Miss Voluptuous Greece Talks Fashion Design and Plus Sized Beauty!

Anthi Giannopoulou is a Greek fashion and costume designer and now Miss Voluptuous Greece 2020/2021. A woman who loved fashion since she could remember made sure her Barbie dolls had the most extensive handmade wardrobe. This award-winning fashion designer showcased around the world in NY Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and African Fashion Week, turned a fashion activist when she came into contact with circular fashion and Fashion Revolution Organization. Now she has the responsibility to pass the torch in the new generations entering the fashion realm as she the City leader liaison of Fashion Revolution Greece and proudly believes that beauty will save the world!

What are some major achievements or accolades that you've accumulated?

Apart from my fashion awards from different organizations and the fact that I have been described by the press as weaving magic into my designs, my IMDb credits in film industry and the fact that I am a fashion revolutionary to the moment one of my biggest achievements is representing my birth country Greece internationally as Miss Voluptuous  Greece! That actually makes me the first plus size woman in Greece going international with a pageant and promote a different kind of body in the fashion industry of my country!

How do you use your platform as an influencer to spread "What’s Good" to the whole world and who have you impacted?

My platform as you have realized is heavily influenced by the fashion industry. As an active member of fashion revolution Greece I do not only support and proclaim for fair practices in the sector but also for human trafficking! The glitz and the glamour of our fashion industry is huge but behind the scenes are happening quite many scary things that most of us try to correct and help to eradicate them! I personally have taken the year out to design a more sustainable business and get educated on it and also I keep talking to who I can about circular fashion! I wanna believe I impacted my closest people friends colleagues and family to a greener fashion consciousness and I am here for anyone who needs a helping hand!

What are some projects that you are currently working or promoting?

I just came back from a recyclable fashion show where I have created a paper and bubble wrap dress (picture in the mail) and working with the whole team of fashion revolution Greece on our festival that will take place on April 23-25th  called Raise your voice the festival for 2021 will be done digitally through our platform but will involve sustainable designers, artisans, and immigrants that can showcase their expertise in folk arts and fashion practices. Plus, I work on my other endeavors that have to do with the pageant world.

Who do you have to credit for your success?

Success is something that you can’t achieve alone you work alone towards it but if your environment is not supportive it might not go the way you want! I must say I am grateful that I have a very supportive family, close friends, and my pageant sisters. As a foreigner living in another country, my own persistence created results for sure but the good people who surrounded me in projects are also a part of every success I’ve had up to now!