Kelly Clarkson Encourages Discussion About Racism To Push Change

Long time music icon, Kelly Clarkson, has started an important dialogue on her show with her viewers and staff called #StartTheConversation. Given all of the Black Lives Matter protesting and advocacy, she felt inclined to encourage discussion about racism, systematic oppression and prejudice in an effort to help push change. By leveraging her large platform as an accomplished singer-songwriter turned TV host, she is following in her own advice for those privileged to not face these issues to "stand up" and not just "stand by!"

Some quotes from the video:

“It is an honest and sometimes difficult dialogue but we have always strived to be a show about connection and we want to walk the walk every day even when it is hard.” - Kelly Clarkson

“How much more do we have to diminish ourselves for the feeling of safety from others?” - Earl, Wardrobe Supervisor

“One day, I am going to have to sit down with my sons. I am going to have to tell them that people are sometimes going to treat you poorly simply because of the color of your skin. I don’t want to have that conversation with them.” - Rubin

We have been fans of Kelly since her "Breakaway" days after being the first American Idol winner. Seeing her being a positive influence in celebrity culture is definitely refreshing. Hopefully, more will follow in her footsteps!

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