Teen TV Hit, "Riverdale," Comes to an End

The teen TV hit ‘Riverdale’, inspired by the popular Archie Comics series, is finally coming to a close after seven seasons. Filled with both on-screen and off-screen drama, Riverdale’s finale has expectedly received mixed reactions from viewers and critics alike.

The series, which was adapted for The CW, has had a lot of ups and downs while it was still on the air. From the huge buzz that the show generated during the first season, a lot of twists and turns were taken as the show’s plot progressed — with the surprises carrying on up to the show’s eventual last episode.

A lot of creative liberties were taken while Riverdale was running, from aliens to other supernatural events, the story of the show has left many fans intrigued and curious as to how the show’s planners were intending to close off the many remaining stories of the characters in the show.

Without giving away too many spoilers, all of the plot lines of Riverdale were indeed wrapped up in time for the season finale. However, much of the story’s ending still leaves a lot of the eventual fates of Riverdale’s characters to the interpretation of the viewer.

While the attention to Riverdale’s ending continues to spark debate among audiences, it is without a doubt that the show has left a lasting impression among many viewers all over the world.

Louie Pearlman, co-host of the Riverdale fan podcast ‘XOXO Riverdale’, shares the sentiment of many Riverdale fans in reaction to the show’s finale. He said, “The episode celebrated what makes the Archie Comics characters so great, which is that they are perennially teenagers.” 

Louie then continued, “When we read and watch 'Riverdale,' at its best, I think we're taken back to a time in our lives that's actually very fleeting”. Indeed, the ending of Riverdale is a breath of nostalgia and sentimentality for fans of the show. The ending sequence in particular reminds fans of the “fleeting” moments that we will continue to cherish for the rest of our lives.

Riverdale’s finale has left a bittersweet taste in the mouths of the many avid followers of the TV series. The show has done a good job of uniquely portraying the Archie Comics universe in a contemporary manner. 

The legacy of iconic characters such as Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Betty Cooper, and Veronica Lodge will continue to be remembered by the current generation of fans thanks to the impression that Riverdale has left in mainstream media.

By Neil Gregorio

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