5 Reasons People Love Cardi B

Cardi B, also known as Belcalis Almánzar-Cephus, is a hit American rapper who has built a very successful career by not only creating top-notch music but also capitalizing on the huge clout that she has on social media. 

Known for many hit singles that have captivated listeners and critics all over the world. The influence that Cardi B has in the rap industry today is nothing short of impressive. And a lot of fans have definitely taken notice of this  — here are some of the reasons people absolutely love Cardi B.

5. Hustles Hard

If there’s one thing that Cardi B does best, it’s hustling. The rapper did not become a superstar overnight. Working hard for what she has today, Cardi B kept on persevering until all the effort that she had put into her career finally paid off. 

And even if she was able to make it big, Cardi B has not stopped hustling to sustain the success of her already legendary career with a long discography of singles and albums produced and released over the past few years.

4. Awesome Personality

Cardi B is a no-nonsense person. She always speaks her mind and that’s a trait that many fans have loved about the hit rapper. Cardi B is not afraid to let the world know what she’s feeling and thinking about and she won’t hold back at all. The bold attitude that Cardi B carries around wherever she goes has always struck her fans the right way.

3. Proud of Her Past

Cardi B herself has admitted that her past life was not full of glitz and glamour. Before making it big, Cardi B had previously worked as a stripper during her teen years. Escaping a life of poverty and abuse, Cardi B worked hard to make a name for herself and to permanently change the course of her life for the better. Cardi B has always been vocal about her roots, and fans have respected her for her bravery in using her platform to serve as an inspiration to many.

2. Aware of Politics and History

While Cardi B is obviously a resounding name in the music industry, she has also dabbled in politics and history as well. Cardi B has been open about her love for history and she has been vocal in her political beliefs as well. 

During the past election campaigns, Cardi B has endorsed politicians such as Bernie Sanders and the current U.S. president Joe Biden. In fact, she has also considered running for Congress in the past.

1. Popular Hits

Of course, fans have absolutely adored Cardi B for the tons of hits she has made in the course of her career. Having an upbeat vibe that definitely keeps you pumped, Cardi B’s signature style is responsible for many memorable songs such as the iconic single, ‘Bodak Yellow’, and the catchy song ‘WAP’ which has since become an Internet phenomenon.

By Neil Gregorio

Neil Gregorio is an advertising copywriter who writes as a hobby; when he is away from the keyboard, he spends his time watching Japanese animated shows and jamming out to his favorite rock music.

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