Jeff Bezos Pledges to Give Away Bulk of His Wealth


Jeff Bezos is the founder of Amazon and one of the richest humans in the world. Before his divorce, Bezos actually held the title of the richest human in the world. With a net worth of about $124 billion, Bezos has been closely eyed by the public on what he does with his money.

Bezos has been giving several interviews since stepping down from Amazon and choosing a life of philanthropy. In a surprising turn of events, Bezos has pledged to give away the majority of his wealth. Despite giving several interviews, he hasn’t revealed much of the details around it.

Previous Donations

This is not the first time Jeff Bezos is giving away his wealth. However, this is the first time he pledged to give it all away. Bezos is known to back several charities and is big on climate change. He has previously given hundreds of millions in climate change relief around the world. 

Bezos also gives a yearly $100 million donation to a random recipient who gets to give it to a charity of their choice. This decision was made to ensure that he isn’t too biased with the charities he donates to. He wants everyone to have a fair shot at getting donations for relief.

Giving Pledge

Giving Pledge is an agreement signed by hundreds of the wealthiest people around the world. According to this agreement, these wealthy people have agreed to give away their wealth in their lifetime. About 250 rich people have signed this agreement, and Jeff Bezos is the latest.

A great fact about the Giving Pledge agreement is that it was created by Bill and Miranda Gates. Bezos’ ex-wife also signed the agreement back in 2019, and Bezos has been pressured to sign it as well ever since. Now that he has signed the agreement, where will the money go?

Where Will The Money Go?

Now that Bezos made his pledge, people have been wondering where exactly the money will go. Bezos has already been slowly giving it away here and there. Since Bezos is big on climate change, the majority of his income has been going in that direction. But since there is $124 billion of it, there is plenty of space for other industries and charities to receive donations.

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