Jamie Lee Curtis Gets Hollywood Star on Walk of Fame


The walk of fame is one of the many prestigious awards that artists receive for their dedication and hard work. Jamie Lee Curtis is a celebrated artist who has been a part of some of the best pieces in the film industry. As the daughter of the legendary actress Janet Leigh, Jamie has been in the industry her entire life. But did she earn her spot on the walk of fame? Or did she get it easy from growing up in the industry? 

Who is Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis is a 64-year-old American actress and producer. She first gained popularity with her appearance on the ABC sitcom Operation Petticoat. Jamie Lee Curtis always grew up in the spotlight as her mother, Janet Leigh, is also a popular American actress and singer. 

Even though Operation Petticoat took off her career, she is popular for her roles in the horror genre with her debut film Halloween. She went on to star in more horror movies, such as The Fog and Prom Night. These horror films collectively earned her the title of Scream Queen.

Jamie Lee Curtis Controversies

Jamie Lee Curtis has done pretty well in staying away from controversies in her career. This is easier said than done if you’re in the spotlight your entire life. However, there was a recent controversy surrounding the actress, though it has more to do with her mother, Janet Leigh.

Jamie Lee Curtis was in an interview recently where they had a discussion on the #MeToo Movement. Jamie mentioned how her mother Janet would not have sided with the movement. She didn’t go on further as she said she didn’t want to put words in her dead mother’s mouth.

Recent Breaking News

In recent events, Jamie Lee Curtis reveals how she would love nothing more than to work with Lindsay Lohan again. The two starred in Freaky Friday and are now in the discussion of possibly working on a Freaky Friday sequel. Freaky Friday 2 is now in the works and we couldn’t be more excited to see what is in store for us!

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