Miss Universe Pageant Drops Marriage and Motherhood Restrictions!

Image Credits:  NBC

The Miss Universe pageant has announced that they will be removing a rule that bars married women and mothers from eligibility. 

This change comes after the success of recent contestants like Catriona Gray, who was Miss Universe 2018 and had previously been married before competing in the pageant. 

Additionally, other pageants such as Miss USA have already made similar changes, allowing married women and mothers to compete. 

According to Miss Universe President Paula Shugart, their goal is to celebrate diverse women who are confident and strive to make a difference in the world. 

This shift towards inclusivity marks a positive step forward for the pageant industry as a whole.  It shows that contestants can be successful and empowered in all stages of their lives, whether they are single, married, or mothers. 

The Miss Universe Organization, owned by WME/IMG, announced a major change to their rules and regulations. The organization will no longer require contestants to be "never married, never pregnant" in order to compete. 

This shift in policy aligns with the organization's push for inclusivity and diversity among its contestants. 

In a statement, Miss Universe Organization President Paula Shugart said, "We want to open it up. We're living in a different world now and we want to be more inclusive." 

Contestants who are married or have children will now be able to compete, as long as they meet the age requirement of 18-28 years old. 

This decision has been met with praise from pageant fans and critics alike, who have long criticized the organization for its outdated and discriminatory policies. 

As Shugart stated, "It's just a natural evolution for us." 

Image Credits: Hindustan Times 

The Miss Universe Organization joins fellow pageant organizations Miss USA and Miss Teen USA, both of which have recently made similar changes to their rules. 

The pageant world is evolving and embracing a more diverse group of women, allowing them to confidently compete on a global stage without fear of being deemed "ineligible." 

This decision is just one step towards creating an inclusive and fair environment for all women, regardless of marital status or motherhood. It's time for pageants to embrace and celebrate the accomplishments and diversity of all women. 

Miss Universe, we applaud you for taking this important step towards progress. We can't wait to see what other changes the organization will make in the future. 

In the meantime, we'll be rooting for all of the amazing, strong, and confident women who will now have the opportunity to compete. 

Overall, this change allows for a wider range of women to compete and be celebrated in the Miss Universe pageant. 

It will be exciting to see how this shift impacts future competitions and the types of contestants that are represented on the global stage. 

Ultimately, this move towards inclusivity highlights the Miss Universe pageant's dedication to empowering all women and truly celebrating diversity.

Contributed by Jasmine Sophie