Why Planned Parenthood's Impact on Society Is Beneficial to Everyone, Regardless of Your Religious or Political Views

Planned Parenthood is the nation's largest supplier of sex education and a leading source of high-quality, affordable healthcare for men, women, and young people. Millions of people in the United States have received STI testing and treatment, contraception, safe, legal abortions, and life-saving cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood centers. In fact, at least one out of every five women in the US has sought care in Planned Parenthood clinics. We can confidently say these clinics have improved the lives of many women by providing a safety net for their health, being cost-effective, and reducing the social stigma associated with abortion. With that said, this article will explore the benefits of Planned Parenthood. 

Benefits of Planned Parenthood 

1. Safety 

Over the years, many women have been victims of abuse or coercion. Often, you find they're pressured by their husbands, lovers, or members of society to keep a baby. In such cases, these women don't know until later that they can't provide for or have the child. 

Without facilities such as Planned Parenthood, many women are forced to self-abort. Due to the desperation most women have to end a pregnancy, they use incredibly unsafe abortion methods that could potentially harm their lives.

2. Affordable Healthcare Services 

Planned Parenthood also has affordable health services and options for women who cannot afford physician fees. Many financially strapped women forgo annual exams since they are just preventative and maintenance care and not critical. But since most of the services offered at Planned Parenthood are preventive care, they reduce the burden of disease and healthcare costs later. 

3. Decrease in Social Stigma 

Planned Parenthood main goal is to empower women so much that they feel positive and confident about their lives. The post-abortion counseling services help women overcome the stigma surrounding abortion. 

Planned Parenthood has been of great benefit to many women and taking away the right to abortion and contraceptive pills are unfair and risky to many women's health. Many women have benefited from Planned Parenthood as it relieves them of stress, the burdens, and the problems they face in their bodies and society. Also, it provides them with a variety of choices to make them feel secure and confident in making the best decision for their lives.

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