EXCLUSIVE Interview with Criminal Justice Warrior, Julianna Andrasi

Julianna Andrasi is the reigning Miss Fresh Face USA 2021. She is currently working toward completing her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. She lives in Michigan where she works as a corrections officer in a county jail. She is enthusiastic about raising awareness about many issues such as mental health and the protection of the environment. However, she is most passionate about teaching others about wrongful convictions in the United States. In May of 2021, she published her first book, “Convict or Convenient,” which sheds light on America’s justice system and explains how innocent individuals become incarcerated so easily. Aside from being a new author, Julianna also expresses her creativity through her artwork. In her free time, she can be found painting, sketching, or experimenting with whatever new craft has caught her attention for the week. Julianna discovered her love of helping people when she was young. As a teenager, she started volunteering at a local retirement home for residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia. When she grew to be of age, she got a job working for the same retirement home. She worked there until she moved downstate to attend college. While in college, she began volunteering at a middle school, tutoring kids who were at risk of, or already on the path of entering a life of crime. The students there loved her. Julianna would reward students who reached their monthly goals or who were able to keep their grades up by taking them to see plays, movies, or out to eat. Now, especially during Covid times, she has been looking for other ways to help her community. In December of 2021, she started a donation drive in her local community to collect items for people in Kentucky and the surrounding states who lost their homes to tornados. At the end of the donation drive, she drove all of the items from Michigan to Kentucky.

What are some major achievements or accolades that you’ve accumulated?

In pageantry, I was honored with the title of Miss Michigan Petite 2020 and I currently hold the title of Miss Fresh Face USA 2021.

How do you use your platform to spread “What’s Good” to the world and who have you impacted?

I use my platforms to actively raise awareness about the topic of wrongful incarceration. I share a lot of information about individuals who are currently behind bars and fighting for their freedom when there is a question of their innocence, and even more so when those individuals are facing execution. My favorite thing is being able to share that someone who has been locked up for years was finally able to be freed due to new evidence, a new trial, or whatever reason.

What are some projects that you are currently working on or promoting?

I was able to finally publish my book, “Convict or Convenient,” in May of 2021 after about a year of putting it on pause. I have a bad habit of starting paintings or drawings and never finishing them, they just sit around, unfinished and taunting me. I was worried for a while that my book would end up like some of them have but it has been an amazing feeling knowing that it is finally complete, and I am now able to share it with the world.

Who do you have to credit for your success?

I have to credit my amazing parents for my success. They have supported me through the good, the bad, and the ugly. I have been very lucky to have such a wonderfully supportive group surrounding me with my family, my friends, and my peers.

What is your ultimate goal in your career/life?

At this time, I am not sure what my ultimate career goal would be. I am very happy working as a corrections officer, and I have a lot of pride in what I do. My ultimate goal in life is to just be happy. When I die, I want to know that I did everything I wanted to do and accomplished everything that I wanted to accomplish. So far, it’s looking pretty good.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/juli.andraji/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/julianna.andrasi

Convict or Convenient: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0955DGVS8