Why Jennifer Lopez Will Be Fine With Or Without A-Rod

 Submitted By Johnathan D. Kindall

Earlier this year it was announced that singer-songwriter Jennifer Lopez was separating from her fiance, the former baseball player Alex Rodriguez. The couple, who had been dating for about two years, had been reported to have their fair share of problems through their relationship, and they officially called off their engagement in April. 

So, you might be wondering — will Jennifer Lopz be okay without A-Rod? The answer is absolutely yes. 

Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to public breakups and the media circus that surrounds them. Some of her previous relationships that ended unhappily include ones with P-Diddy, Ben Affleck and Marc Anthony among others and, more often than not, Lopez came out of those relationships with her image and reputation unscathed. Lopez has proven multiple times that she not only knows how to live happily as a single woman, but also that she knows how to deal with a public breakup with poise, grace and respect. 

As far as money is concerned, Lopex has nothing to worry about there either — according to a report from earlier this year, the actress and musician’s net worth is estimated to be anywhere between $400 and $50 mіllіоn, which is actually almost $100 million more than her ex-fiance. 

But where does she get that half-billion net worth? The answer is from a lot of different places. 

Part of it is from her music career (where she’s released a number of chart-topping tracks since the mid-90s) and from her film and television career (where her appearances in blockbuster films such as Hustlers and The Wedding Planner have earned her millions per role). This, in addition to her number of “hustles” in the fashion and beauty industry (like her skin care, makeup and fragrance lines) ensure that Lopez needs no man, A-Rod or not, to pay her bills. 

“We have realized we are better as friends and look forward to remaining so,” Lopex said in a statement to TODAY. “We will continue to work together and support each other on our shared businesses and projects.” 

While that statement doesn’t reveal much, Jennifer Lopz has done this before and, who knows, she might have to do it again before her time in the spotlight has passed. No matter what though, the singer, dancer and businesswoman is going to be just fine on her own for now! 

Article submitted by Johnathan D Kindall, B.S. Journalism