Mrs. Universe Canada Is A Social Work Superstar!

Charlene Jones Twenty years of extensive experience in various areas working with law
enforcement and, most recently, the Juvenile Rehabilitation/Juvenile Justice system in a
supervisory capacity. She counsels at-risk youth who have been sentenced for significant high
level/high-profile crimes. She has extensive experience as a Family Readiness Group Leader for
military families and working with non-profit organizations to create a better quality of life for
our military Veterans, Service Members, and their dependents. She is a Certified Dialectic
Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy practices and treating young offenders
with mental health disabilities and gang affiliations, preparing them to return to the community
with new skills. While many of her community positions are essential, there is none more
important than her family. She has one child who has started her own business while the others
are in college. Now Charlene spends her time focused on suicide prevention and mental health
challenges. Charlene was diagnosed last year with PTSD and now serves her communities with
her PTSD service dog. “Fanta.” Charlene is finishing her doctoral degree in Psychology and will
soon be a psychologist.

Charlene also helps her husband as he continues to run their process serving business during
these challenging times of Covid. Charlene and her husband, Mark Jones, have a business called
Addison Legal Services, LLC. Addison Legal Services, LLC, provides critical legal documents to be
served in a professional, respectful, and timely manner (
Charlene’s inspiration comes from her desire to give to others and help others find their life
worth living. Her husband, Mark, is an essential part of her support team and her son and
daughter, Spencer and Shawna, and her uncle Kevin, and her mother and father, Margo and
James, continue to be a positive force in her endeavors.

One of Charlene's choice of brands is the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). She
believes that eliminating the stigma of mental illness promotes others to step forward and
empower themselves by learning to live a life worth living (
Charlene’s other favorite brand is Beautiful Disaster. Beautiful Disaster is a tribe who supports
each other through the trials and triumphs of life’s obstacles and that going through the tough
times that women go through empowers us to become stronger and proud of our
achievements. It proclaims that it is okay to be perfectly imperfect (