The Legacy of the Late Jason David Frank

Jason David Frank was an American actor who was popularly known for starring in the Power Rangers series. He was the green power ranger and was absolutely adored by the public. So it definitely comes as a shocker to everyone that Jason David Frank had committed suicide. He was 49 years old, and no one thought he was going through anything as he always put out a happy and chill persona. Yet behind closed doors, there was a lot going on that the public was unaware of.

The Legacy

Jason David Frank starred in several roles during his lifetime. There is no doubt that his most popular role was as a Green power ranger in the Power Ranger series. He was also popular for playing Bloodshot in Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe. He left a lasting impression on viewers. 

The coworkers and employees of Jason David Frank have nothing but praise for his dedication to his work and just his overall human nature. His children Jenna, Skye, and Hunter, are devastated by this huge loss. The family is grieving, and the public is in shock at the situation. 


During his lifetime, Jason David Frank has found himself in quite a few controversies. However, most of them were no biggie. This is until the latest controversy, which is said to be the cause of his suicide. You should know that these are just rumors, as the investigation is still underway.

Jason David Frank was accused of domestic violence by his now ex-wife. This court case was a very private matter, and the public was unaware that he was secretly going through this behind closed doors. However, it seems like this case took a toll on his mental health and led to his committing suicide. It is unclear how true or false these allegations are at this point.

Death by Suicide

The Power Rangers star Jason David Frank was found dead in his Texas home, and investigations revealed that it was death by suicide. No details were revealed as to how exactly he did the deed but it is believed to be a result of a recent argument with his ex-wife and the ongoing domestic violence charge he has under his name. At this point, we can only hope his soul rests in peace.

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