Kourtney Kardashian's "Poosh" vs. Gwyneth Paltrow's "Goop"

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Did you know about the Goop and Poosh brands? Both are newly launched brands by famous influencers and have gained much popularity. 

Poosh is by the Kourtney Kardashians, and Goop is by Gwyneth Paltrows. The website has the leverage of celebrity fans and can gain so much traffic.

Kourtney Kardashian has a lifestyle and wellness website named Poosh. An influencer blog generates enough income through referral links and advertising networks. 

The Goop brand is by celebrity actor Gwyneth Paltrows and earns its benefits. It is an eCommerce platform that sells skincare and lifestyle items. 

Goop and Poosh have many similarities and dissimilarities regarding their products, services, and customers. It is a fact that both have different working models, and there is a significant difference in their income. 

So here, we will share some similarities and differences between Goop and Poosh that help you understand them. 

Similarities between Goop and Poosh

If you know about the Kardashian before the launch, then you may know about the dead version of Poosh. It comes from the paid mobile app that charges for the content, and Kardashian pays for it. Goop offers an excellent range for the fans and helps to enhance the lifestyle with essential items. 

So besides these business models, the price point is very similar among them. They have high-end skincare products that cost more than usual. 

Poosh has a significant retail presence. To celebrate, they took a page from Kourtney. Goop has products given to fans, friends, and family as a gift. 

Their products include comfortable PJs, vibrators, skincare essentials, and others. Poosh is a lifestyle blog that also gives similar promises to its fans. Both are motivated to provide valuable knowledge and get more leads to boost sales.  

Differences between Poosh and Goop

One of the significant differences between Poosh and Goop is in their cost. The Poosh is highly accessible for visitors to adopt the website's healthy tips and lifestyle ideas. They have great organic skincare, cook gluten-free recipes, and manure more. 

Goop is a brand, whereas Poosh is a website. Goop sells items, ideas, and lifestyle products.

Goop sells the product, whereas poosh uses affiliate links to generate sales and help users. Moreover, Goop is more established due to celebrity power and earns more revenue than the Poosh. 

Goop is a brand dependent on the trust of customers. The Poosh has the slogan LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE WITH KARDASHIAN. Poosh is not selling the product but using affiliate links to vitamins and other essential items. 

So both these brands have a connection with each other and think of themselves as competitors. 

If we talk about customer services, Goop has more success than Poosh. Then have better content, product quality, and trust of the customers. 


So the Goop and Poosh have a similar niche of work lifestyle and skincare. One sells the products while the other shares the ideas and affiliate links to generate revenue. We hope this guide helps you understand the similarities and differences between the Poosh and Goop.

Contributed by JD Malik