Young Pageant Queen Sets A Stellar Example For Girls About Confidence and Service!

Alessandra is a kindhearted 10-year-old girl from Corpus Christi Texas. She is a part of SAS-Share a Smile where she is able to give back to kids with cancer and other illnesses in ways such as sending them smile boxes with a whole bunch of goodies in them. She does many donations drives with SAS like collecting books for local and distant Children’s Hospitals, she’s collected more than 2,000 books to be donated. She is very into helping out her local Ronald McDonald house where she has donated many supplies and toys to them and has even helped cook the family’s meals! Alessandra suffers from an auto-immune disease herself called Alopecia, but she never lets that stop her from achieving her goals!

What are some major achievements or accolades that you've accumulated?

Some achievements that she has accomplished were winning the Young Jr. Miss International 2020 title on August 9th, 2020 as well as receiving the 2020 Gold Presidential Service Award. 

How do use your platform as an influencer to spread "What's Good" to the world and who have you impacted?

Alessandra uses her platform to give back to others and her community whenever she can, she loves to help others and see them smile. Alessandra also uses her platform to help bring awareness to childhood alopecia and let people know exactly what she and many other kids go through. 

What are some projects that you are currently working on or promoting?

Alessandra hopes she influences others to always be kind and give back when you can and let other kids know that it doesn’t matter how you look you can do anything you dream of! 

Who do you have to credit for your success?

Alessandra gives credit to her mom for her success because she is always there to support her and is the one who always encourages her to shoot for the stars no matter what.