"I am an inspired and intuitive teacher, mentor, and coach. Driven by good old fashion heart and soul...I have become a  divinely driven and motivating fitness professional offering many opportunities to enhance personal growth from the  inside out. The dedication it takes to have personal goals and internal motivation goes beyond physical training. With a  certification in Sports Medicine and a specialization in Sports Performance Training and Corrective Alignment. I can  create diverse movement patterns for my clients, providing function, strength and balance. My Truest love is our  Anatomy and the miracle of what our bodies do for us daily. As the creator of Mindful Nutrition I feel invested in  teaching the importance of conscious cooking with the notion that “Food is Medicine”. 

I believe in creating meaningful moments, learning what feels right for you and how to rise after you fall. From  competitive dance, collegiate cheer, triathlons, half-marathons, and currently as a World Fitness Competitor. I have  had my share of training and self-discoveries. None have broken me open more than the journey itself rather than the  destination. 

During the last 15 years, I have studied and practiced the Pilates repertoire with a specialization in Dance. I am very  passionate about teaching Pilates and have created some unique sequencing to execute such foundational movement  with a creative flair. Teaching Pilates and the profound breath work within the repertoire was a gateway to move  through the physical energy which lead me to path of healing. 

I have always intuitively been guided and it was a joy and a blessing to become a Master Reiki Practitioner. My hands  just seem to know where to go in regards to physical and emotional healing, as well as, evoking the spiritual awakening.  In the last 12 years I have deepened my practice and continued my studies in Yoga philosophies and Asana. One would  say I am a student of self study, life, and the magic of love. Yoga Therapy and Meditation has enhanced all of my clients  and evokes vibrance through many healing modalities. It is remarkable to watch someone transform and step into their  personal power. Experiencing that with someone is such a gift and gives to me as much as them. 

I have experience working with heart patients and cancer patients, rehabilitation, couples, prenatal, moms, dads,  children, celebrities, NFL & MLB athletes, aspiring athletes, as well as the uninspired...the work remains the same, we  are all doing it and when we realize that we become one. One heart, one love. 

My greatest work of all is being a mother of four beautiful children who teach me, open me, and give me new eyes to  see from. 

I am woman, feel me roar... a friend, a love, and a student of life....I am a Goddess. 

I cry, I laugh, and learn through all of life's experiences...It is my beauty and what makes me humble. JLOV-

I am doing the work in this life with you...Right alongside of you. I don't preach...I practice, and every day is a practice...I  am a Warrior. 

I am Light...I am Love...I am Soul...I am Honored. 


What are some major achievements or accolades that you’ve accumulated?

Major Achievements are my 5 children. 

My first born, my first true LOVE, Riley taught me trust, confidence, and grounding. He chose me and I chose him...being a mother changed the course of my life for the better. I learned I was my own kind of mother, NOT my mother and I had found my hearts calling to LOVE. As a mother I saw life through a new lens. It was my first commitment to another and a lifelong journey in unconditional LOVE. 

Dustin ,my baby boy, taught me advocacy, tenacity, trust, faith, and Mad Crazy LOVE.. Endless devotion, loyalty, and healing. My son has high functioning autism, asperger's syndrome. I learned through Dustin what it was to see the best in someone from their heartspace beyond what appeared on the surface. I learned that when someone is flooded and doesn’t have the tools to communicate how easily that can be misunderstood. I personally had to change how I communicated to connect, understand, and relate which was the best lesson learned for me in life. 
And then God gave me a little girl...Bella. 

I had the joy of witnessing this beautiful soul champion athletics as I did and then some. I saw myself in this reflection and it humbled me especially in those life changing moments when someone hurt her and I wasn't there to protect her. I learned to surrender. I learned to heal. I chose to rise, for no other reason other than to show her first hand how to rather than succumb to my fear and pain with unhealthy coping mechanisms. I am who I am today because of her presence in my life and my commitment to ALWAYS be a woman in her life she can trust and count on for support, truth, and LOVE. 

Gia is the baby of my four children and the curation of us all, she shines with truth and pure emotion. Gia had led me to God in many new ways that have been so joyful and uplifting. She shares with the world her LOVE daily as she sings and dances. Gia teaches me trust and shows me great independence. I have learned patience and how to hold space as she feels and creates the beautiful life in which she desires to live. Gia reflects to me kindness, thoughtfulness, and pure LOVE. 

My 5th child is the one I have been learning about and from the most these past few years, She is the little girl within me. I am learning to listen to her more than ever and allow her to be felt and be heard. I understand how important it is to parent my inner child and show up for her daily. My inner child speaks the kind of truth that has led me to greatness and opened me sincerely, with compassion, creativity, and playfulness. Through this child I found my truth, my voice, and my healing.

How do you use your platform as an influencer to spread “What’s Good” to the world and who have you impacted?

My platform is LOVE! As a survivor of domestic violence and abuse, I am grateful to share that through the power of love my family has healed . Our story is now a tool for transformation and can empower others to find the same strength to survive. While domestic violence and abuse are at an all time high, this cycle stops with me! As the founder of the iamlov.org Non Profit organization, it is my mission to feed the cycles of healing and break the cycles of abuse one heart at a time. Through the vessels Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing, Fitness Therapy, and Mindful Nutrition ALL NATURAL modalities for healing one can find the beauty of change through self awareness and self love The sacred healing where we can all discover our wholeness. 

What are some projects that you are currently working on or promoting?

Currently, I am servicing clients from around the world through all of these modalities and writing my first book, a manuscript for healing with the power of LOVE. My Non Profit Organization is planning our first live healing retreat for survivors of domestic violence and abuse and we are in collaboration with many community and statewide outreach programs to support woman of refuge for human trafficking and adovocacy for healing after trauma and abuse. 

Who do you credit for your success?

It is my goal each day to spread as much LOVE and awareness as I can in lending my voice and service. I truly allow God to use me as a vehicle to do his work, offering all of my ingredients which I refer to as my “accomplishments” daily. This calling and energy impacts all beings ready to receive especially those healing, awakening, and uplifting.