Mrs. Cosmos International 2020 Is Making Waves In Pageantry!


Samantha Abraham is a woman of great intellect and impeccable
character that is a representation of who she is and shines forward
through her work as a wife, mother of four, CEO, and entrepreneur who admires the strength of her mother and female mentors throughout her life. Samantha is a “Pageant Influencer” who helps contestants create success by branding their journey while eliminating the lack of funds and
resources. As a pageant influencer with a Bachelor's Degree in Business,
her knowledge and passion allow her to believe in the success of
others and their full potential.  

Understanding that skillsets are achievable
and positioning yourself for the win is a necessity and is her motto. As the creator of the "Manners Matter Project" and currently "12 Months to Nationals", Samantha is making waves with these achievements in projects to make a lasting impression as she creates opportunities! Through hard work, business and divine research with a servant’s heart, Samantha Abraham reigns as the current Mrs. Cosmos International 2020 standing as a beacon of light as a shining example for everyone –
especially with women through these platforms by creating leading change in their pageant journey as well as personal lives.

Samantha is a true leader and entrepreneur who positively touches the
lives of the people and empowers them to achieve their full potential. In
short, her life represents the true epitome of who a civil and resourceful
human being should be and is worth emulating. It is time to connect,
inspire and empower beyond the crown!

What are some of your major achievements? 

Samantha has received the presidential volunteer service award and 2020. During the beginning of the pandemic for 2020, Samantha created a masking team and was able to hand make and create over 3000 masks that were given and donated to those in need. She is also the creator and founder of the Manners Matter Project and 12 months to nationals.

How do you use your platform to spread "what’s good" in the world?

With Samantha being the creator of the Manners matter project, she uses this pageant platform to help support and empower the women to be the leaders of tomorrow as they overcome their circumstances. She is able to do so through volunteerism, speaking engagements, and providing etiquette classes.

What are some projects that you are currently working on or promoting?  

Currently, Samantha is promoting 12 Months to Nationals what is her latest project. With this project, she is able to influence young girls and women in the pageant sectors to help better promote their platforms as they learn the importance of engagement, attraction, and reach to be able to serve on a much wider scale.

Who do you credit for your success? 

Samantha gives much credit and success to her mother and her husband for their support over the years.